Cybula Dulce Nderaba

17 • non-binary, they/them • NZ time

Hi, I'm Cybula!
I’m from Vermont, but I live in New Zealand.

I’ve been drawing my whole life, mostly just messing around with pencils. I started with digital art some time in 2018. I really love to draw characters wether they’re mine or others! I probably draw Cymaltuvern the most- they’re my main fursona, and are a species I made up when I was little.

Aside from drawing I also love to write. I write little poems a lot, and at least plan to write the stories I made for my characters! I also write a lot of lyrics for my songs.

I can play guitar, piano, and violin (but I haven’t TOUCHED my violin in ages). I sing too, but uh, not very well. I like to mess around and write orchestral - type stuff on Garageband, right now I’m trying to get some of it nice enough to put on YouTube. I have a few album projects that I work on inconsistently.

I hope you enjoy my art and things!



• Your commission will be finished in 30 days
• I will send you progress pictures and you can request most edits
• I may decline your commission if your profile hosts malicious or hateful content
• Payment is via PayPal
• For sketch commissions, you can pay up to three days after the commission is completed. For any other half before and half up to three days after!
• As I am a minor, I will not draw NSFW
• These are intentionally underpriced as I am very inexperienced with commissions
• Contact me on Instagram, Discord, or Twitter, or Tumblr to ask questions or request a commission!


12 NZD per character

Flat Color

17 NZD per character


22 NZD per character


40 NZD per character


+ 15 NZD to a commission